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Be extra! 5 Great Retro Accessories for the Perfect Vintage Look

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If you are too bored with your casual look, it’s time to introduce yourself to vintage glam. The vintage dressing trend is a great way to add some personality to your outfits. Vintage classics that you probably already have sitting in the back of your closet can turn your entire look around. However, remember it's not just about the clothes. Take it from retro style lovers, style is not just about the clothes...A gal needs to have the appropriate hairstyle and makeup to complement and complete the look. Accessories play an important part in making up the final look as well. However, sometimes, it can be difficult to choose which accessories to wear with your retro outfit. Whether it's rockabilly cool or pinup chic, here we describe some of the best vintage accessory ideas that will complement your look for sure.

Hoop earrings

Perhaps the signature look of vintage style is the hoops. These big, dangly earrings really help you channel the retro glam and upgrades your vintage look. You can get them in a range of styles, but we specifically adore these geometric hoops. They can go with a number of outfits and complement the look, giving a delicate, minimalistic vibe. The silvery gleam of the earrings help it to suit a range of dresses and looks making them must-haves. If nothing seems to work, you can safely throw them on to save your look for anytime- day or night!

Glam chokers

Chokers have been a huge sensation this year. However, they are also a prominent part of the retro look. From simple chokers, to star-studded ones, they have rekindled their value in the fashion world. From the many options to consider we love this star choker, with its glittery ensemble and delicate aura. The design works as a chic everyday accessory and can also suffice for a get-together. Use it to glam up your outfit and embrace the vintage look.

Complimenting Hats

You can’t go wrong with scarves and hats. They serve to upscale your style by several notches. Take this straw hat for instance. It is the perfect addition to your summer vintage wear and will complement your look. The multipurpose hat also serves as protection from the scorching sun and is a vintage addition to your beachwear as well.

Dangly earrings

You cannot go wrong with dangly earrings. Vintage looks often have dangly earrings as the complementing accessory. You can often spot the party wear having long, flashy earrings. There a number of options to choose from. You can go with extremely dangly earrings or choose some bright ornaments like these dangling star crystal earrings. Their neutral color allows them to mix and match with different outfits making them a valuable addition to your collection.

Vintage belts

You can never underestimate the power of a high waist vintage belt.  These belts can create a mesmerizing vintage vibe and give a retro look to any outfit. These velvet high waist wide belts work to define your waist and add that vintage flair to your outfit. You can choose from a number of different colors to match your outfits. We think that you do need at least a beige and black color in your wardrobe which will go with most of your outfits. You can also mix and match other colors according to your preference.

So go ahead ladies! Glamorize it up for no reason except that you want to look gorgeous! 


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